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Premium Plan


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If your budget is low, we have the Premium Plan, which gives you 100 registrations for only $25 dollars. An affordable price for entrepreneurs who want their business to grow.

  • Access to 100 Records.
  • Excel Database.
  • Verified Data.
  • Records sent via email.
  • Delivery within 12-24 hours.

With our services, you can get:

  • Unlimited access to databases that will always have updated information.
  • Our databases are constantly updated in order to keep you up to date with the latest industry trends.
  • Free help from our experts to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Service without contracts or subscriptions, which makes it easy for you to purchase our databases at the time you want.
  • The Premium Plan has everything you need to grow your business and increase your potential customers. It's an affordable package, with a price that fits your budget.
Excellent sales tool!

Excellent sales tool
“Information very accurate and very easy to use.”

Very good service and staff

“Customer service was great. My calls were effective, all the numbers were active.”

It was a good buy.

“I recouped my investment because my sales were effective.”

Benefits of using our sales leads databases:

  • It allows you to truly control, retrieve, sort, analyze, summarize, and report on data.
  • The database can combine data from several files, so you never have to enter the same information twice. It can even help make data entry more efficient and accurate.
  • Users from different offices can share data if authorized. This implies that if a data changes its content, such as the address of a client, all the users who can access that data will immediately see the change made.
  • Processes are optimized, due to what was previously mentioned, it is easier to standardize processes, forms, data names, forms, etc.
  • The database has the ability to validate certain conditions when users enter data and reject entries that do not meet those conditions. The DBA (Data Base Administrator) is responsible for establishing these validations.
  • Increases the productivity of programmers - Because programmers do not have to worry about the organization of the data or its validation.

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Premium Plan​

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*One-time Purchase


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* 2500 Records
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Platinum Plan

* 5000 Records
*One-time Purchase


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