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Create strategic funnels as ways of get consumer sales leads

consumer sales leads

To begin with, we must understand that sales funnels are our main allies. This purchasing strategy of our customers towards the acquisition of products or services. Also as the perfect plan for capturing future leads or customers. Your consumer sales leads are gold.

The sales funnels can vary according to the objectives we want to define, the public we want to focus on. If the idea of the creation of funnels. Thanks to its capture is that we create an email list.

Here are some efficient ways you can get consumer sales leads for your business:

1) Landing page

Use a page that specifies the functions and benefits of the product or service you want to promote. Remember to install a good design with good usability. Very important Clarity so that when the client arrives, he or she knows in advance what is being offered.

2) The funnel of the compression page

Use curiosity to generate consumer sales leads with this simple two-page sales funnel. The goal of a compression page is to get your visitor to give you their email address. These pages have very few other distractions. Many times, not even a logo on the page or any complicated footer or more links. The secret number to get the highest conversion rate on a compression. The page is to use a headline based on curiosity. Then they have to enter their email address and click “send” to find out the answer to the question.

3) The Funnel for Video Sales Cards

Use video to sell your products or services through a VSL funnel. A video sales card funnel has a video that makes the sale of your product or service. Often people hide the “Add to Cart” button until the video has revealed the price. This is not necessary, but it is easy to do within software tools such as click funnels. The video sales letter sells your product. You can include an Order Form in the web page. Then we have an increase in sales and a reduction in sales.

The video as a tool is super powerful to build an online database of all our consumer sales leads, we recommend you as a key bet on it. If you liked this content and the next articles we will make in the future do not forget to visit our blog.