Common Telemarketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Common Telemarketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Telemarketing in the USA is still in force. The reason: continues to work. It is a good marketing tool. Here are some common errors that must be corrected to maintain the effectiveness of this tool.

Don't sound like a robot

People don’t like telemarketers who are reading a script outside of reality. They don’t seem to focus on the needs of potential customers who leads that can be converted through the telephone.

If you have a script, you must adapt to the circumstances of the person you are talking to.

Be aggressive

Being too aggressive is not a good sales technique. Try to be apprehensive. When a person says “no” to the proposal they have, learn to back off and accept it. You will get rejections, but you must understand that you can’t be too aggressive and you will make more sales conversions.

Be polite and accept no as an answer. It distinguishes you. Increases your credibility and professionalism.

You never know, the next time you call them they may be interested in another product or service.

People like to be heard

It means you have to listen to more of what you’re talking about. Listen to what the potential customer says and find ways to sell your product. Remember that people don’t like to spend money, but they do like their problems to be solved by them.

Being educated helps with sales. Sometimes, customers may not be interested in your current product but in another product or service.

Mispronounce things

If you feel you’re going to make a mistake with someone’s name, avoid saying it all. Find a way to pronounce it accurately. Mispronouncing someone’s name is unprofessional.  It makes you look lazy and unfamiliar with people.

Avoid this mishap, practice first, research and profile your prospect.

Relationship vs. too much relationship

You can’t be too comfortable with that person while you’re on the phone. It’s counterproductive. Try to make the sale. Maintain a cordial and cheerful relationship, but don’t be too familiar. 

Telemarketing in the USA doesn’t have to be so difficult. Combine kindness, sales professionalism with a more effective telemarketing approach.

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