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Do you need to buy business leads this 2020?  USA Biz Data offers the best prices for databases. Thus, we invite you to learn more about sales leads deals. We have more than 40 million registrations in the United States. As a matter of fact, for our business leads we use official and updated data from the U.S. Census.

Our Plans and Prices

Premium Plan

  • 100 Records
  • One-time Purchase

Golden Plan

  • 1000 Records
  • One-time Purchase

Silver Plan

  • 2,500 Records
  • One-time Purchase

Platinum Plan

  • 5,000 Records
  • One-time Purchase

We work with 100% real databases

We compile and verify our data frequently. By all means, we ensure you have an up-to-date version of your prospect database. Equally important, we provide the most accurate business sales leads in the market.

Looking for B2B lists? We are experts at segmenting your sales leads

Our lists are carefully segmented. As a result, you'll be able to target the right potential clients. After all, we take pride in making sure that our lists are an effective tool for your business.

Our databases are specifically classified to guarantee sales

You don't just receive the names of businesses. We give you qualified contact information. Consequently, you'll be able to launch, grow or mature your business.

We offer competitive prices

We amplify results not prices. You can get optimal sales results at a fair price. Whether you are a small or large business, we have you covered. Without delay, build your potential clients base with our reliable information.

buy database business leads

5 requirements that your database must have in order to be effective

Would you like to buy business leads this 2020?. You should keep in mind that a database of potential clientes is one of the biggest assets your company can have.

Having people who want to know about you and with whom you have a relationship of trust is invaluable. Especiallywhen it comes to taking the step towards becoming loyal clients.

We have databases of consumer sales leads. This way you will have the opportunity to offer your product not only to companies but also to consumers.

They must be completely unified:

To get the most out of a database, avoiding errors and redundancies, it must be in a single file. Forget about fragmented files created by different employees. The fields must be the same, so it is advisable to choose the data that are important for running the campaigns.

The more data there is, the more difficult the database will be to manage. So, it is not convenient to collect data that do not contribute anything.

However, it is not necessary to be rigid with the database once it has been created. It is convenient to leave enough flexibility to modify the model and introduce improvements that enrich it.

Personalized database:

The best database for a business is the one that adapts to its needs and characteristics. You need database with customers interested in the products or services offered. Classify them with names, addresses, telephone numbers, gender, economic stratum, city, and other.

 Why are B2B sales contacts important? They are a important part of your company, forate sales success depend on them, know more here.

Constant updating is essential:

People change positions, jobs, management, or retire. So, making a regular update of the database is necessary.  This way,  marketing efforts do not fall on deaf ears.

Segmentation is a priority:

A segmented database makes it possible to personalize the communication. Also, it is possible to direct the messages that connect a specific audience to a specific market niche. Segmentation can be done based on: customers or prospects, position in the company, type of sector, billing, date of purchase and more

Ensures data security:

It is necessary to take precautions to avoid errors that distort the database. As well as decide which people or departments will have access to the database and in which role (edition, consultation). It is also necessary to guarantee the security of the clients data and to demand the necessary permissions for its use is a fundamental step.

What you can get with our databases?

By purchasing Usa Biz Data database you will receive updated and filtered information on businesses and individuals located in the United States. Before they are sent, the contactability of each one of our records is verified, so that you have real and updated records. We have the best prices in databases business sales leads. Our records contain: PHONE – STATE – CITY.

IMPORTANT: The shipment of your order takes between 12 – 24 hours.

Still don’t know how to get potential b2b sales leads? Learn more in our Sales Strategies section!

Buy database business leads now is very easy with Usa Biz Data!

U.S. Businesses
30 million businesses updated weekly
Perfect for your prospecting needs, our list of potential clients begins with your selections of hundreds of options, including geography, revenue, sales volume, credit rating and more.

New Business in the U.S.
5 million new businesses
New companies need their products and services. Reach them before your competitors.

U.S. Consumers + Automobile Data
250 million consumers
Build your list of potential or marketing clients by selecting between age, income, home value, marital status and more.

New Removals + Owners
400,000 Weekly
Find people who have recently moved to your area. Start new relationships with your business and reach new potential customers before the competition.

Businesses in Canada and Latin America
1.7 million businesses
Search by business type, size, position, geography and more.

Latino Consumers
13 million households
Valuable data for creating telemarketing and direct mail lists using selections that include age, income, home value and more.

Unlimited access to 4 powerful packages that will help you with lead generation

Benefits of buying leads

There are many benefits that encourage today’s entrepreneurs to buy leads:
1. You save time
Reaching the target market takes time. So buying leads saves you time. In this way you redirect your efforts into other types of operations.
2. Easy to calculate the ROI
Sales and marketing specialists can easily calculate the return on investment.
3. It’s fast
No need for costly advertising campaigns. Getting potential customers is fast.
4. Quality Leads
We offer advanced and accurate databases.
When buying leads, only trust the professionals. We offer updated and verified leads. Contact us and start generating more sales today!

Unlimited access to 4 powerful packages that will help you with lead generation

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